7:40pm 09-01-2020
Hi Ophelia, loving your website and style. I enjoyed the cemetery video, it was a great vibe with the audio and being recorded on a camcorder... I was sorry to hear it stopped working; I had one for a short while to do vlogs with until it became too temperamental. Regards, Brian -
11:47am 07-17-2020
I found your blog by accident and thanks to you I now have the courage to start my own (old school) lolita wardrobe!
2:17am 07-13-2020
[This entire site was so much fun to explore and your wardrobe is legendary!! You're one of my favorite lolitas and an inspiration! ;w;
6:07am 05-31-2020
ur totally my fave lolita!! I feel like you really have the old school, momoko spirit. much love!
8:05pm 05-17-2020
Absolutely love your style and the care you put into cataloguing everything. Great job
11:51pm 05-15-2020
Love u and ur coords sooo much. This site is adorably cute and I can’t get enough. I want people to come back to it in 10 years and think “wow, this girl’s Lolita fashion style is insane!! Best era!” Or something... <3
10:25am 01-15-2020
Your site is looking great! I love your ‘about’ page especially
9:25pm 01-14-2020
Very cute website and I love the picture of you on the homepage.
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